Modeling (Fusion 360) & 3D Printing at JAD

For 5 days (40 hours), come and learn modeling (Fusion 360) and 3D printing at JAD. This course will enable you to master Fusion 360 CAD software, learn about 3D printing through hands-on projects, and be trained by working professionals.

Training content & program

  • 2D technical drawing & technical plan reading
  • 3D modeling approaches and rules
  • Getting to grips with CAD software
  • Parametric design of 3D objects & Mechanical assembly
  • Structuring components and sub-assemblies
  • Production of assembly drawings
  • Graphic rendering with texture
  • Parameter setting and file export
  • The legal and economic ecosystem of 3D printing

Teaching methods

Theory: lectures, distribution of resources, case studies.
Practice: demonstrations, exercises, role-playing, project-based experiments.

The aim of the course is to use CAD software (Fusion 360) to design, model and present parametric 3D parts and assemblies, and to produce and distribute these parts using additive manufacturing (3D printer).


A certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

This parchment of certification: Conception et design de pièces et d'assemblages 3D paramétriques, registered in the Répertoire Spécifique des Certifications et Habilitations, is issued to Formalisa under number RS6037.


  • Personal Training Account
  • Training insurance fund
  • OPCO
  • Employer
  • Pôle Emploi
  • Shareholders' equity

Registration and information are available below, or by writing to


  • 20/06 to 28/06

  • 03/10 to 11/10

  • 14/11 to 22/11