March JAD meeting - Collectif Tricolor and Alliance du Lin et du Chanvre européens

20.03.2024 - 19h00

On Wednesday March 20 at 7:00 pm, JAD invites Pascal Gautrand, from Collectif Tricolor, and Julie Pariset, from Alliance du Lin et du Chanvre Européens, for this latest monthly conference dedicated to sustainable fashion.

The European Flax and Hemp Alliance pursues 3 missions: to inform members, manufacturers, brands and consumers, to support and defend the European ecosystem and know-how, and to promote European flax and hemp as the preferred sustainable premium fibers worldwide. It guarantees the traceability of linen fiber through its two certifications.

"Our ambition is clear: to make European flax and hemp the preferred sustainable premium fibers worldwide. To achieve this, our strategic trajectory revolves around three axes: growing our ecosystem; becoming the innovative, creative and sustainable international reference; and finally, guaranteeing quality and embodying desirability. Today, European flax and hemp are aligned with the demands of the times."

Bart Depourcq, President of the European Flax and Hemp Alliance

At this meeting, JAD invites you to discover the challenges facing these sectors, echoing the " Weaving the Future, Dressing the Body" exhibition.

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The guests

Pascal Gautrand

An expert in fashion and textile design, a graduate of the Institut français de la mode, he promotes textiles as a cultural heritage. Founder of Made in Town, he orchestrates collaborative and innovative projects with textile industry players and renowned trade shows. In 2018, he initiated the Collectif Tricolor to support the restructuring of French wool industries. His contributions highlight creativity, innovation, sustainability and the meaning of clothing as a societal language. 

Julie Pariset

Julie Pariset is Head of Innovation and CSR at the Alliance for European Flax and Hemp. The Alliance for European Flax and Hemp is the only European agro-industrial reference organization on a global scale, federating all players in the European flax and hemp value chain. From field to finished product.

A commitment to European production chains

In an era when sustainability and environmental preservation are becoming imperatives, committed personalities such as Pascal Gautrand and organizations like the European Flax and Hemp Alliance stand out for their commitment to sustainable development.

Their particular commitment to European flax and hemp reflects an avant-garde vision of environmentally-friendly materials rooted in a European tradition of craftsmanship.

Pascal Gautrand embodies the passion and determination needed to catalyze change. His commitment to the promotion of European flax and hemp goes far beyond a simple ecological approach; it's a genuine commitment to preserving Europe's cultural heritage and artisanal excellence.

The Alliance was born out of a collective desire on the part of men and women committed to building and promoting a European industry of excellence, from field to finished product, from producer to consumer.

Further information

JAD invites local professionals to come and learn about the challenges of the flax and hemp industry during an afternoon.

Free training led by Julie Pariset and Pascal Gautrand.

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Practical information 

Wednesday, March 18, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

Jardin des métiers d'Art et du Design 

6 Grande-Rue

92310 Sèvres