JAD craftsmen and designers

In the summer of 2022, JAD, Jardin des métiers d'Art et du Design, opened its doors to artisans and designers wishing to combine their practices in sincere collaborations, guaranteeing real innovation.

Luce Couillet

Textile designer and visual artist

Tony Jouanneau

Textile Designer and Finisher

Loann Djian

Leather designer

Anne Agbadou-Masson


Marta Bakowski

Color Designer
Portrait Marta Bakowski

Martin Blanchard

Portrait Martin Blanchard

Cédric Breisacher

Cabinetmaker - Sculptor - Designer
Portrait Cédric Breisacher

Carole Calvez

Olfactory designer - Nose
Portrait Carole Calvez

Rose Ekwe

Textile designer - Weaver
Portrait Rose Ekwe

Marion Gouez

Textile designer
Portrait Marion Gouez

Sofia Shazak

Sellier d'Art

Marie Levoyet

Rotogravure printing machine
Portrait Marie Levoyet

Baptiste Meyniel

Portrait Baptiste Meyniel

Maxime Perrolle

Portrait Maxime Perrolle

Albane Salmon

Portrait Albane Salmon