Albane Salmon, Cabinetmaker

Atelier Sauvage is a creative workshop based at JAD since 2022, which imagines and creates solid wood objects at the crossroads of sculpture and furniture. After three years of creation as a duo, Atelier Sauvage has been the name under which Albane Salmon develops her personal projects since July 2018. Trained as a cabinetmaker, Albane works mainly with solid wood and makes all her creations herself.

His aesthetics are nourished by observation of nature and phenomena such as erosion and the random wear and tear of materials exposed to time and the elements. Her creations emphasize instinctive, organic forms, traced and modeled freehand, imbued with the irregularity of the human eye and gesture. Playing with colors and textures.

Atelier Sauvage explores the multiple possibilities of wood, creating trompe l'oeil effects that raise questions about the nature and unity of the materials used. In addition to its own creations, Atelier Sauvage also designs and creates custom solid wood furniture, installations and fittings.

Photos © Romain Darnaud / Laura Bonnefous