Cédric Breisacher, Cabinetmaker - Sculptor - Designer

Based at JAD since 2022, Cedric Breisacher is a designer and sculptor. Exploring the living environment is at the root of his approach. His approach is sensitive and iterative, questioning the processes involved in creating forms. He mainly uses hand tools to reconnect with the making process. Inspired by the natural environment and guided by a quest for simplicity, his manual work is characterized by a return to the essential. By inscribing his own body into the sculptural process, he creates a connection between the human and the living material. He uses the trace of the tool as a testimony to the present moment, in which the tool becomes the mediator of the relationship between two living beings.

His workshop is part of a supra-local production system: the transformed material is sourced within a 50 km radius, bringing together local know-how and weaving a network. In a circular approach, he uses his wood shavings to shape new pieces, and sees reused material as a new source of materiality, repositioning our relationship with production and reaffirming the need for local production.

Photos © Paul Perret / Cédric Breisacher / Studio.b.helle