Maxime Perrolle, Woodcarver

An art woodturner since 2016 and with a workshop on the JAD premises since 2022, Maxime Perrolle maintains an intimate bond with his raw material, wood, by working directly in contact with it. Unwinding the shavings, discovering the rings, smelling the fragrances that reveal themselves, is to read the imprint that time has left on the tree. His passion for trees led him to the craft, for the serenity they inspire and the value of the testimonies they embody. Intrigued by these immobile giants, he seeks to pay tribute to them. Sensory contact with wood is more than a passion, it's a need for him. 

Since 2020, his work has focused on medium- and large-format sculpture. His creations are part of a contemporary approach that respects the traditional values of the craft and is characterized by the use of essentially hand techniques. Maxime's creations are characterized by a play on the effects of texture and light, as he works with curves, and searches for hues using fire or natural pigments. As each piece of wood is different, it was only natural for him to devote himself to creating one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Questions and research continue to fuel his experimental work. They create a contrast between thin, light turned pieces and more sculptural, massive pieces reminiscent of monoliths, as well as large wall-mounted pieces that play with light effects. It's through all these questions and the answers that matter gives him that he pursues his approach to understanding wood, and beyond that, trees. 

Photos © AlexGallosi / Maxime Perrolle