Meeting with Tony Jouanneau / Atelier Sumbiosis - Saturday, May 13 at 4 p.m.

On Saturday May 13 at 4pm, JAD invites you to a conference with Tony Jouanneau / Atelier Sumbiosis. Tony Jouanneau is a designer specializing in the creation of biofabricated materials.

The guest

Tony Jouanneau

Trained in product design at ESAD Orléans, he worked for 7 years at the Tzuri Gueta ennoblement studio. He then turned his attention to eco-design and biodesign through a Master's degree at ENSCI-Les Ateliers. ATELIER SUMBIOSIS brings together scientists and craftsmen to imagine the know-how of tomorrow.

Sumbiosis Workshop

Atelier Sumbiosis is a research laboratory where textile know-how and science meet through design research. In nature, symbiosis is the association of living organisms to ensure the reproduction of the species. Atelier Sumbiosis' experimental and collaborative projects are inspired by this sustainable and environmentally compatible union, to discover how science, and biology in particular, can improve textile manufacturing processes.

His approach 

After reflecting on the health and environmental hazards involved in creating fabrics, Tony Jouanneau rethought his vision of design. His encounter with designer Guillian Graves introduced him to bio-manufacturing. Through various projects, he explores the processes of textile craftsmanship and the sources of pollution they can generate, to then put forward a concept, a creative hypothesis, centered on a bio-resource. Through his workshop, Tony aims to raise awareness of the use of bio-resources among craftspeople, students, people interested in bio-manufacturing and the general public, by designing educational tools to introduce them to the issue. 

His field of research

Atelier Sumbiosis is a veritable laboratory where craftsmen and scientists work together, developing unique skills in fabric ennoblement. Each material is the result of an innovative process in which regenerative organisms are applied to fabrics. 

The dialogue between design and craft

Tony Jouanneau places great importance on collaboration. The pieces in the UNDULA project were born of a meeting between Tony Jouanneau and Harumi Sugiura at the Lauris conservatory garden of dye plants.

The duo formed spontaneously, sharing common values for exceptional finishing and plant color.