White Pages: collaborative research and innovation projects

From 14.09 to 03.12.2023

CD92 / Julia Brechler

A showcase for the Jardin des métiers d'Art et du Design, "Pages Blanches" highlights the collaborative research and innovation projects its creators have been working on for almost a year.

Like a freeze-frame, this exhibition bears witness to the fact that these projects, which will continue and be enriched during and after the exhibition, take the form of a series of stages, questions, reflections, moves and attempts, iterations, backtracks and changes of direction.

"Pages Blanches invites visitors to discover the fruitful encounters that take place between singular and protean creative universes."

Upgraded leather project

Cédric Breisacher and Sofia Haccoun- Zakabloukowa

Weaving / Wood project

Albane Salmon and Rose Ekwé

Color/scent project

Marta Bakowski and Carole Calvez

Showcasing the intermingling of skills and aesthetics, the exhibition reveals the exploratory process and the pathways of innovative thinking. To this end, a series of films retraces the genesis of the project, and the research and collaboration mechanisms employed by each pair. The videos are accompanied by notes, drawings, samples, models, prototypes and experimental creations.

By bringing together and crossing subjects, research and experimental methodologies, "Pages Blanches" proposes an artistic vision that takes shape: demanding, creative, innovative, multiple and unique. All the projects presented enter into a dialogue that allows the public to grasp the very essence of JAD, its ambitions and its project.

Each week, discover one of the ten videos featured in the exhibition:

Practical information

Opening hours :

Wednesday to Sunday, 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Free admission

Guided tours

Saturday, December 02 11:00 am

For further information, please contact us at: contact@le-jad.fr